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How do I update my videos after a rebrand? A Marketer's Perspective.

In today's fast-moving tech branding culture, many companies opt to go through periodic rebrands. That usually includes a refreshed logo, updated color palette, fonts, even a new tagline. Most marketers know full well how to integrate their existing website and branding assets into the rebrand, and sometimes will even generate new images to compliment the fresh new direction.

But what do you with all of the videos you already have across your website and social media? Surely if the branding changes, it would strange to keep them as is in full view of potential new customers or clients who have come to rely on your consistency. But you have these videos out in public for a reason. They are working! So why shell out a whole new chunk of budget and time on a new slate of videos to do what the existing ones already do? After all, you just want to swap a logo or two, switch up some colors, and maybe even alter your call to action. How hard could that be?

A frustrated marketing professional trying to update old videos.

The Old Way to Update Videos After a Rebrand...Yikes!

Sadly, until now, updating videos after a rebrand was a complex, time-consuming or expensive task (or all three!). Let's review what it's been like for most people attempting to get this done:

1. Complex🤬

For those companies fortunate enough to have created videos in-house or managed to get their hands on the original source files, they now have to dig back into old archive files, find the right file, navigate to the right layered element, and replace it. This, of course, assumes that the designer still works at the company and whoever built the project was as organized as can be. Typically videographers and motion graphic designers create several sequences with multiple sources of assets. And if any drives have been updated since, you're probably out of luck.

2. Time-Consuming🕣

Even if this all goes according to plan, marketers still need to go through several layers of approvals and back-and-forth until they arrive at the version of their video rebrand that is completely in line with their new marketing guidelines. When you're juggling all that's required of a typically busy content marketer these days, who has the time to spend days figuring out this mess? Which is why most companies are forced to go to the out-of-house option, which is also the most....(wait for it).....

Video Project Timelines can often be cumbersome to work with, even in the most organized situations.

...3. Expensive!!💰

If you are committed to find a way to keep your existing videos evergreen, and you can't get ahold of the project files, you have to find a way to get in touch with the vendor who did the video(s) for you. Assuming they still have the files in their archives (and that's still a big if!), they are likely to charge a hefty fee - potentially thousands of dollars per video to update. This cost all for something they could finish over a cup of coffee. They'll probably convince you that it's just worth creating a whole new slate of videos (with them, of course). And who can blame them? They are the only ones who can update your videos for them.

This process could have gone on and on, for one very simple reason:

There was no other choice. For a long time, the original third party was your only option to salvage these great videos of yours.

But now you do have another choice that's painfree, instant and cost effective.

How To Make Your Videos Futureproof With BonViddy🤯:

With BonViddy there are many ways to keep your videos 🌲evergreen🌲 in the case of rebrands.

OPTION 1: Use Our Composer To Revise Videos One-By-One

If you created your video on BonViddy using our composer, future-proofing individual videos

is super simple.

STEP 1: Find the clip you want to update in [My Videos].

STEP 2: Inside your video page click on [Revise Video]

STEP 3: Edit or update any individual element in the video - font, colors, logos, or even copy.

Option 1: How to Update old videos individually using BonViddy's composer

OPTION 2: Batch Updates Via BonViddy's Brand Kits

If you would rather update your videos in one large batch, you can do so by simply updating or creating a new Brand Kit in your [Kits].

STEP 1: Go to [My Kits]

STEP 2: Find your existing brand kit (or create a new one)

STEP 3: Update your desired brand kit items and click [Save]

STEP 4: Go to [My Videos] and click [Revise Video] on any video you want to change

STEP 5: Under [Use Kits] select the brand kit you want to use. The branding should automatically update!

How to update old videos faster using BonViddy's Brand Kits

OPTION 3: Make A Custom Request

If your video wasn't originally created using BonViddy, things get a bit trickier, but that doesn't mean all is lost! Just get in touch and we can assess how difficult it will be to onboard your video(s) onto BonViddy. We'll give you a custom quote and once the process is done, your videos will officially be futureproofed!

The Video World Is Finally Your Oyster!

Ultimately, BonViddy is all about having total end-to-end control and flexibility over your product and marketing videos. It's not just about futureproofing, though. These same techniques and features have so many more applications like:

🧪 A/B Testing

🔄 Product Changes

💡 Concepting

  • & More!



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